Ishai Shapira Kalter
( )
May 23 - June 6, 2019
Placement Produit
Text by Chip Chapin
60 Rue de la Commune de Paris (Aubervilliers)
Paris, FR

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Prise Utilisée

AKYA socket 2P+1 250V, Hbf Inotech 3m rolled extension cord, Nylon ties (Signed)
Variable dimensions


Special K

Found birch plywood with mahogany veneer, Industrial strength adhesive, Wood glue, MDF, Brass, Cardboard package, Gesso, Oil, Staples, Plexiglass, Screws, Hardware

53 x 86 x 9 cm


Kenwood a701

Found OSB with printed veneer and cooking oil stains, Industrial strength adhesive, Wood glue, MDF, Graphite on Fine art paper, Xerox print on paper, Packaging cover, Plexiglass, Rubber thread, Tuna cans’ covers, Screws, Hardware

56 x 50 x 8 cm



Found window (Wood, Glass, Paint and Hardware), MDF, Wood glue, Xerox print on paper, Industrial paper, Polyvinyl acetate adhesive, Tuna Cans

96x69x6 cm


Love, Death & Robots (Shelf Life)

Pirate video file, English subtitles, HD, Stereo, iMac, Used EarPods, Inflatable matress, Kitan beddings
17:14 min ~


Found aluminum unit, Plexiglass, Gesso, Industrial strength adhesive, MDF, Xerox print on paper, Aluminum sheet, Shoe polish, Tuna cans’ covers, Rubber bands, Metal brackets, Screws  
34 x 52 x 25 cm


BHV (Stockholm)
Mop, Gesso, Industrial paint, Polyvinyl acetate adhesive, Industrial strength adhesive, Found wrapping foam, Galvanized steel shelf unit, Plexiglass, Metal wire, Screws, Hardware
181 x 52 x 4 cm

Tramadol/Sopleix/Manon (Economique Volumineaux)

Plexiglass, Gesso, Metal wire, Masking tape, Industrial paper, Polyvinyl acetate adhesive, Packaging covers, Aluminum sheet, Varnish  

30 x 40 x 2 cm