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Ishai Shapira Kalter
(Starkist) Module No. 34
August 30, 2018
'Why Do Cockroaches Die On Their Backs?', group exhibition at Ventilator
organized with Eran Nave
Shocken 6 St. 
Tel Aviv, IL
Ventilator_Ishai Shapira Kalter.jpg
34 front mid res.jpg

(Starkist) Module No. 34

Povidone-Iodine, Tar, Smoke, Soot, Charcoal, Polyvinyl Acetate Adhesive, Industrial Strength Adhesive, Plywood, Polycarbonate, Aluminum Plate, Xerox Print on Polyester Stickers, Canvas, Staples, Screws, DC Brushless Cooling PC Computer, 5V Wire Pins, AA Battery Holders, AA Duracell Batteries, Galvanized Steel and Mosquito Net

87 x 49 x 2 cm




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