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Ishai Shapira Kalter
Blade Memory
December 12, 2020 - April 3, 2021

CCA: Tel Aviv – Yafo
Tel Aviv, IL

Curated by the artists Naama Arad, Eran Nave and Ishai Shapira Kalter
Invited by Nicola Trezzi

Catalog on Mousse Publishing (EN)

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Press Release (EN)
Press Release (AR)
CCA - Center for Contemporary Art website

Participating artists:
Boaz Arad, Yaron Attar, Michal Bachi, Yonatan Geron & Ariel Kleiner, Yitzhak Golombek, Yaacov Dorchin, Sharon Fadida, Elad Haiman, Omer Halperin, Boaz Levental, Amit Levinger, Michal Makaresco, Pearl Schneider, Noa Schwartz, Siona Shimshi, Narkis Vizel, Oded Yaakov

Spike Art Magazine (EN)
Tyutah Magazine (HE)
HaAretz (HE)

HaAretz (HE)

Erev Rav (HE)
Dvarim Baolam (HE)
Marbe Einaim (HE)
HaAretz (HE)
KubaParis (EN)

Documented by Liat Elbling
033_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_Na
001_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC

Yitzhak Golombek, Comb, 1989


85 x 320 x 77 cm

002_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC
034_Michal Makaresco_Ishai Shapira Kalte
003_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC
035_Michal Makaresco_Ishai Shapira Kalte

Michal Makaresco, Wild Stones, 2020

Mixed media

Variable dimensions

Siona Shimshi, Class Picture 0f 1939, 1965


30 x 35 x 3 cm

004_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC
005_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC

Michal Makaresco, 0546816227, 2020

Ten balloons with Helium and strings

Variable dimensions

006_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC

Noa Schwartz, AC, 2015

Metal, drywall and white paint

42 x 66 x 36 cm

007_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC
008_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC
009_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC

Pearl Schneider, Homework, 2010

Acrylic on canvas

40 x 50 cm

010_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC

Michal Bachi, Underwear III, 2019

Industrial paint, acrylic, oil paint and marker on paper

39.5 x 30.5 cm

011_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC

Oded Yaakov, Leaning, 2020

Oil on canvas

50 x 70 cm

012_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC

Boaz Levental, Leaning, 2019

Oil on paper

21 x 28.5 cm

013_Omer Halperin_Ishai Shapira Kalter_B

Omer Halperin, Dorin, 2020

Dry pastel on paper

62 x 57 cm

014_Elad Haiman_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Bla

Elad Haiman, Ketamine on Uniqlo Coat, 2020

Colored pencils on rice paper

29.7 x 21 cm

015_Amit Levinger_Ishai Shapira Kalter_B

Amit Levinger, Blood III, 2020

Pens and colored pencils on paper

29.7 x 21 cm

016_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Blade Memory_CC
017_Yaacov Dorchin_Siona Shimshi_Ishai S
018_Siona Shimshi_Ishai Shapira Kalter_B
019_Siona Shimshi_Ishai Shapira Kalter_B

Siona Shimshi, Class Picture 0f 1939, 1965


30 x 35 x 3 cm

020_Yaacov Dorchin_Ishai Shapira Kalter_

Yaacov Dorchin, Chair, 1969

Polyethylene and metal chair frame

73.5 x 46.4 x 56 cm

021_Sharon Fadida_Yaacov Dorchin_Ishai S
023_Sharon Fadida_Ishai Shapira Kalter_B
022_Sharon Fadida_Yaacov Dorchin_Ishai S

Sharon Fadida, Untitled (You've Been Had You Turkey), 2020

3D Animation, 20 seconds loop of 2 minutes on a monitor with Barkan Mount

Variable dimensions

024_Yonatan Geron & Ariel Kleiner_Ishai

Yonatan Geron & Ariel Kleiner, Surrealism, 2018/2020

Dropped office ceiling, Amplified fluorescent light fixture, crickets

Variable dimensions

024_Blade Memory_CCA.jpg
026_Blade Memory_CCA.jpg

Boaz Arad, Untitled, 2016

Mixed media

79.5 x 124 cm

027_Narkis Vizel_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Bl
028_Narkis Vizel_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Bl
029_Narkis Vizel_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Bl

Narkis Vizel

Rust (shipwreck), 2020. Acrylic on paper, 29.7 × 41.5 cm

Untitled, 2019. Acrylic on paper, 29.7 × 41.5 cm

Silhouette, 2020. Pen on paper, 20.6 × 14 cm

Lattice, 2020. Acrylic on paper, 35.3 × 26 cm

Ritual, 2019. Pen on napkin, 16.5 × 8.2 cm

Untitled, 2018. Marker on paper, 20.3 × 13.5 cm

Untitled, 2018. Oil pastel on paper, 22.5 × 32.5 cm

Your Giant Feet, I Want To Cry, 2019. Oil on paper, 34.5 × 49.5 cm

Secret, 2019. Acrylic on paper, 29 × 20.6 cm

Invisible Streams Of Tears, 2019. Pen on paper, 21 × 14.5 cm

Untitled, 2020. Acrylic on paper, 29.7 × 41.5 cm

030_Yaron Attar_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Bla
031_Yaron Attar_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Bla
032_Yaron Attar_Ishai Shapira Kalter_Bla

Yaron Attar, My Eye's Story, 1985-1988

35mm photograph, inkjet printed on paper

19 × 26.5 cm (framed)

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